Your mental abilities are not in doubt either you or others. You are a former excellent student and intellectual center of any team. And yet, sometimes at the most unexpected moment you make such ridiculous mistakes and make such absurd decisions that it is time to grab the head. Why?

It is pleasant and profitable to have high intelligence: according to statistics, smart people earn more and even live longer. However, the expression “grief from the mind” is also not devoid of scientific grounds.

Lecturer of the Yale School of Management Sheinh Frederick conducted a study that explains why rational thinking and intelligence do not always accompany each other. He invited the participants to solve several simple problems for logic.

For example, try to solve this problem: “The baseball bat and the ball are worth the dollar and ten cents together. Bit costs a dollar more than a ball. How much does the ball cost?”(The correct answer at the end of the article.)

People with a high IQ more often, without unnecessary thoughts, blurt out the wrong answer: “10 cents”.

If you are also mistaken, do not be discouraged. More

than half of the students of Harvard, Princeton and Massachusetts Technological Universities who took part in the study gave the same answer. It turns out that academically successful people really make more mistakes in solving problems in the mind.

Although we rarely spend time after solving logical riddles like the above, the mental functions involved in this process are similar to the fact that we use every day in ordinary life. So people with a high IQ often allow annoying misses at the workplace.

But why? The author of the bestseller about emotional intelligence Trevis Bredberi calls four reasons.

Smart people are too sure

We are used to quickly giving the correct answers and sometimes do not even realize that we answer without thinking.

“The most dangerous in the mistakes of intellectually developed people is that they do not suspect that they may be mistaken. The more stupid the mistake, the more difficult it is for a person to admit that he made it, ”says Travis Bredbury. – However, people with any level of intelligence suffer from “blind spots” in their own logical constructions. This means that we easily notice other people’s mistakes, but we do not see our own “.

It is more difficult for smart people to develop perseverance

When everything is easy for you, difficulties are perceived as something negative. As a sign that you do not fit to solve this problem. When a smart person understands that he has to do a big and difficult work, he often feels lost.

As a result, he prefers to do something else to confirm the feeling of his own value. Whereas perseverance and labor, perhaps after some time they would bring him success in those areas that were not originally given.

Smart people love to solve several problems at the same time

They quickly think and therefore impatiently, love to do several things at the same time, feeling that they are unusually effective. However, it is not. Multivature not only makes us less productive: people who are constantly “scattered” are actually losing to those who prefer to devote themselves to one lesson in a certain period of time.

Smart people do not perceive feedback

Smart people do not trust the opinion of others. It is difficult for them to believe that there are professionals who are able to give them an adequate assessment. This not only does not contribute to the achievement of high indicators, but can also lead to toxic relationships at work and in personal life. Therefore, they should develop emotional intelligence.